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Newsflash!!! Webtasm has just updated all software to Adobe Creative Cloud and I am excited to be trying it out on a new client's website!

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     Webtasm has been very busy creating websites for established clients, and still picking up new ones. Not much work has been put into my own website, yet, but if you click on the links below you can view some of my current clients' websites.

     All work is done exactly to client's wishes and is not necessarily an example of the tastes of Webtasm. If you would like to see some samples of work done by Webtasm, please follow the links below and then contact me so we can discuss your website need. Initial Consultation is always free.

     I would like to point out that the more a client (you) are willing to put into your website, the more you will get out of it, and therefore the more profitable will be your website experience. Some of Webtasm's clients have simply asked to create websites for them, but have given little or no information to work with. You can see which clients are involved with the process, and which ones are not. This is not a reflection on Webtasm, but on each individual client.

REALTORS Click Here to see what can be done for you in the way of websites and virtual tours!

Other types of websites are represented below:

  • LizBoltonStables

    O'Kelly Services

    One of my Ski Students, Liz Bolton, discussed the need to update her website and off we went!

    This is a WordPress website that I am keeping up to date as I get information from the Stables, and am also working on some bigger changes.

  • RentOurHavasuHouse

    O'Kelly Services

    My friends, the Carsons, have a nice house in Lake Havasu. We got together and created a small website to advertise that their house is available to rent.

    They supplied the pictures and text and I designed and host the site. The navigation bar is very basic, but they like it that way.

  • O'Kelly Services

    O'Kelly Services

    Wait, this doesn't
    look the same!
    Scroll Down!

    I worked with Bernie O'Kelly on a Mobile Notary website he started to create using Intuit Website Templates. He had become a bit frustrated with Intuit and gave me a call.

    In just a few hours we added pictures, edited text, e-mail and contact information to this 3-page site, set up Google AdWords and his is on his way to doing business on the web!

    When I got home, there was already an e-mail reply that said,

    "Chris, Bernie here great work and I mean that!!
    Your my webmaster now.


    Bernie had a better brainstorm! He's bought carpet cleaning equipment and hired a work force to be reckoned with!

    In only two hours we changed pictures, edited text, set up a new Google AdWords campaign and he is now advertising his services on the internet.

    Give him a call if your in his service area and need your carpets or rugs cleaned, upholstery too! He also removes stubborn stains!

    O'Kelly Services


    Bernie is a very interesting guy! He his now in the business of Solar Technology and we have updated his website to serve this interest.

    This change only took a few minutes to make. The most difficult part was to take the pictures!

    O'Kelly Services

  • Advanced Benefit Consulting


    Advanced Benefit Consulting is an employee benefit consulting firm and health insurance agency. Their website had been a database (WordPress) site with Content Management but was in major overload. The pages would only partially open and things weren't working well. The hosting company would not let me download the site database, so I had to download each page, individually. Within days after I finished downloading all the pages the server went down and out of business with no response to my cries for help. I uploaded the site and began hosting the site in simpler format and making improvements to the look and feel and functionality of the site. It is a framed site that has password protected areas which are client specific.

    After the site was completed, the owner was required to use HIPAA hosting, which I cannot provide. The thumbnail on the left is how it looked when I left it. Clicking on it will reveal that it is pretty much the same as I designed it, except the lengthy updates above the original site.

  • Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Company

    O'Kelly Services

    I am quite the connoisseur of great coffee, being totally addicted, myself. Michele had a similar website but it was dysfuntional and out of date, so when she moved to Big Bear Boulevard she asked me to bring things up to date. It was originally done in PhotoShop and now it is more wisely designed in Dreamweaver, cutting page load times so you can't even sip your coffee while you wait.

    If only I could demonstrate, online, the rich aroma of exotic coffees that permeates the air as you drive by! So don't drive by, go in and have a sample while you choose your beans. You can also order by phone from the online menu.

  • Big Bear Parasail

    O'Kelly Services

    Big Bear Parasail is an entertaining one-page poster-site I did a long time ago for my friend who owns the Fun Dock at Pine Knot Marina. It was designed for and works best in Internet Explorer; Firefox and Safari won't show the action. The Marina took over the site under a package deal after completion.

  • Big Bear Recreation and Parks Department - This is an old version of their website that I was in the process of building until another designer took it over. At the time it was still under major construction, but you could download forms to register for local sports and events from this site. Don't use them now, as they are out of date! Lots of images bring this site to life!

  • Big Bear Department of Water and Power - Over a seven year period being the webmaster for BBLDWP I created, hosted, and maintained 6 different versions of their website. Due to the nature of these sites, being a utility company and the fact that my websites get picked up by the search engines more quickly than their current site, I had to remove them from the internet. To view these sites in their entirety, you can E-mail me with a request for digital copies.

    Webtasm grew this site from its early beginnings as a six-page patchwork of random ideas by a web design hobbiest to a valuable resource for living and conserving water in Big Bear Valley. There is a lot of information at your fingertips, easily reached by using a two-tiered navigation system. Three sequential remakes of the site were in progress directed by three different employees in the Conservation Department then over-written each time until finally a new Conservation Specialist was hired. She proposed a contract for bid which required technology that hasn't been invented, yet, and for a very low price. I had to let this account go.

  • BigFearCity Jayne had converted her home into a haunted house and scared the daylights out of lots of folks one Halloween season. Take a look at this website... if you dare! Keep in mind that this site was only functional during the months just before Halloween; don't try to buy tickets!

  • Dostrow's Stained Glass was a simple storefront website with sample images of Jeannine's amazing artistic creations in stained glass.

  • MacRayTrail.com is a Real estate site for my friends Judy and Maurice who are marketing Equestrian development properties in Texas.

  • NorthPoleFudge.com Go ahead, just take one look at the Caramel Apples or Homemade Fudge and you'll want to put this site in your favorites so you can keep coming back to buy again later! This site is set up to take orders by only phone, though. It is one of my oldest sites with a color scheme to match their store.

  • Panoramas like the one I have used as a stationary background for this page are simply a series of pictures taken in rows or columns and melded together to make one large panoramic view.  I also use this technique to take wide shots of narrow areas. Click for some samples.

  • Stangl's Glass was a local Glass company in Big Bear City. I made them a simple storefront website with some images, links and contact information. They have since gone out of business due to unknown reasons.