Skiing with Webtasm

May 1, 2015 Closing Day was a While Ago!

In my free time (what little there is) I'm remodeling the man cave for creative projects in webmastery, rental care, and other adventures. Scoured my computers and newly conquering digitizing home memories to DVD or file, mostly as a venture to rescue my own family(ies) pics, VHS tapes and other media for my baybays.

Ski School is closed for the season, but we're still enjoying some pretty nice Spring Conditions, up here! Make plans to come up for some last minute skiing and boarding this weekend.

Watch my tweets and facebook posts for updated pics and conditions and start planning your holiday ski trip to Big Bear! I'll be looking for ya'!

To all my ski students, new and old, I have had a blast with you and hope I was of some help in elevating your skiing career. You are the reason I so love to teach skiing!

Be Smart, Be Safe;
Take A Ski Lesson from a Pro
(That's me in the center in black!)

I am a Professional Ski Instructor's Association Level One Adult Alpine Ski Instructor, and (This Resort) Level 4 Skier teaching in Big Bear with twelve years experience. I also love to teach children of all ages and abilities the joy of skiing, not to mention elderly skiers. Ask for me, Christian Mortensen, when you buy your private lesson ticket and in addition to your lesson I will take a video of your final run with commentary and some still shots of you skiing, if you like. (Video Links below are password protected so my students can view and download their videos)

For legal reasons I am not allowed to use my website to advertise for my employer, so please be sure to E-mail me for information to reserve ski lesson at my employer's resort ahead of time and I will be sure to be there for you when you come.

For private lesson prices, Click Here
or Weather information, Click Here.
For Snow Conditions, Click Here.
For Road Conditions, Click Here.

To call the Ski School and make a Private Lesson Reservation, E-mail me for the phone number to ensure I will be available when you want your lesson.

I hope to see you here!

For some serious ski laughs, have a listen to this YouTube post of Larry Miller's "The Secret of Skiing".

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Christian Mortensen

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