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Website Suggestions

Keep it Simple! The best websites are easy to navigate, simple to use, and load quickly. Nobody likes to sit and wait while watching that spinning icon go on forever! There are many website designers who go to the extreme to show off their skills (yes, I have them, too) but the sites can be miserably hard to navigate with irritating drop-downs and pop-ups everywhere, opening pages you didn't want to go to that you can't get back from.

Be careful what you ask for! A local Ski/Board shop once hired someone to create a site completely designed in Adobe Flash. It looked great! Flash can be proprietary, so only the designer can affect changes. The designer walked in one day and asked for 15% of the profit to keep the site running.

Never use more than you need! For example, don't use Flash or a video editor for simple images or rollovers. It will take much too long to open the pages. There are scripts and simple solutions to create the effects you desire without going to excess that will load quickly and look great. And just think, it costs a lot more to use excess and your expenses will be much higher while viewers give up waiting on your information to load.

The more a client (you) are willing to put into your website, the more you will get out of it, and therefore the more profitable will be your website experience. Some of Webtasm's clients have simply asked to create websites for them, but have given little or no information to work with. You can see which clients are involved with the process, and which ones are not.

Many templated sites are offered for almost no cost but you will not be given a copy of your pages, nor can you copy them from the web. You become hostage to your hosting company! If your hosting company loses your website, or if you lose your webmaster/designer, you may not be able to get a copy and continue in business. Ensure that you get an ftp connection or some other method to keep copies of your site. I had a client with a store on Yahoo, years ago, and when Yahoo raised their rates from a flat fee to a click fee she no longer wished to pay the multiplied costs. She could not get a copy of her site and we had to start from scratch on my server with hundreds of items for sale. Webtasm keeps redundant copies on the server and burns periodic backups of your site on CD. You may request to have the most recent copy of your site for a nominal fee.

Keep the page still!!! Avoid creating pages that constantly move around or that change size and shape while loading. Viewers have to keep scrolling up and down to find where they just were and this is very aggravating to deal with. A page that randomly flashes like a Christmas tree can be very distracting and irritating, also, and especially if things are changing size while you are trying to read something.